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While the era of talking to a metal box is upon us (and still be considered sane*), If you are a programmer and need to give a little more precise instructions to the dumb computer, things can get really black and white, real fast. Hollywood has long embraced the image of a basement dweller, hunched over the keyword, coding away the next big thing (or whatever the hell they do), as the de facto programmer, the modern day programming doesn’t look and feel all that monochromatic (Unless you are into that).So …

Elasticsearch | Full text search | Installation
Elasticsearch | Full text search | Installation


Elasticsearch is a Lucene-based search server (and a lot more) that has become a topic of every hot conversation around the block. If you work with large volumes of structured/unstructured text data in production environments, you would have come across Elasticsearch quite often.

Elasticsearch can scale up to Petabytes of data, is highly available, can double as a No-SQL datastore, has a class leading enterprise support while offering all the goodness of Lucene (Full Text Search) in a nicely wrapped API. No wonder this has become the absolute favorite of industry giants in a very short span of time.


Kumar Gaurav

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