Why everyone MUST learn Python programming language.

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While the era of talking to a metal box is upon us (and still be considered sane*), If you are a programmer and need to give a little more precise instructions to the dumb computer, things can get really black and white, real fast. Hollywood has long embraced the image of a basement dweller, hunched over the keyword, coding away the next big thing (or whatever the hell they do), as the de facto programmer, the modern day programming doesn’t look and feel all that monochromatic (Unless you are into that).So lets just jump right into, why the next aspiring Mr Robot (Stop reading and go watch this show, if you haven’t already) must know Python programming language.

Closest thing to english language

While this might not be a big deal for seasoned professionals, for beginners who are just starting out, a language that often reads and feels like regular english language (be it a little monotonous) can significantly bring down the barrier of entry and ease you into the word of programming. You can spend more time understanding the logic flow instead of memorising the syntax and meanings of like a million (not really) keywords (I am looking at you C++).

and here’s a picture of english language at its best.

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Interpreter Language, getting started is quicker than loading Youtube (Go ahead, tell me why you haven’t started already)

Basically, this means that, Python as a language interprets your instructions (code), one line at a time, i.e., take an instruction, execute it and then move on to the next one, what this enables us (programmers) to do is write interactive code, long story short, you can tell your computer to do something and only ones its done, that you can give next instruction which may or may not use the result from previous instruction.

In terms of getting started the interactive nature of this language means that you can get started with as little as a Python Shell or a Jupyter notebook and just start coding away, no bulky setup required, no IDEs to install, no keyboard shortcuts to mug up.

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It’s unforgivable to be an aspiring Data Scientist, without knowing Python

If you are interest in python there is a good change you have heard of data science (not saying that python isn’t great for other domains, coming in next section) and reason is simple, their isn’t a better supported language in terms of libraries, visualisation, community support, tutorials than Python. If you are interest in data science, well you have your answer, you must know python.

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Open Source Loves Python and so should you

Just take a look at how programmers are falling in love with python with every passing year

Python’s popularity has skyrocketed in past couple of years due to its versatility, ease of use and its ability to morph itself into what ever you need, from OOPs to functional programming and from scripting to code blocks in user friendly notebooks, Python will do it all. This trend should also put your mind to easy if you landed here for career advice, well you can safely leave your career in Pythons hand (Don’t confuse this with Python the snake, that might lead to unfortunate outcome, unless you are Bear Grylls).

Backend, Frontend, Data Science, Sync/Async, Reactive, Event Driven, Python won’t disappoint.

Don’t worry if all the terms in the heading doesn’t immediately ring a bell, one day at a time (still waiting for my next day). Simply put, you can start your journey with libraries like Django, Flask and FastApi if you aspire to make beautiful websites or just backend systems, Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Theano, Keras, PyTorch (soo many, I can’t stop, help) will kickstart your data science career, Asyncio, AIOHttp and Tornado if you loved movie inception and understood it, RxPy if you wanna take on the reactive world and I can go on and on, but you get the point.

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I may have gotten a little carried away in my love for Python, while there are other languages (not for me, I believe in soul mates), all I can say to someone looking to start a career in programming or expand their existing base, its pretty hard to go wrong with one of the most versatile and beautiful (yes I said it, French is no longer the sexiest) languages ever created. Now please feel free to tell me how I am wrong in the comment section.

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